Ooh! That’s Interesting!: Houseboat

I’ve always been a little fascinated by houseboats. If you’ve read Bone Dry, you know that a houseboat features in that book. But until last weekend, I’d never had a chance to sleep in one.

My friends and I booked the Yellow Ferry for a girlfriends getaway. Now berthed in beautiful Suasalito, it’s the oldest surviving ferry on the west coast. Back in the 1880s, it made its home in Puget Sound. You can read all about it here.

So first off, this is the sunset view:082 I took that pic with my iPhone and didn’t play with it at all–that’s exactly what it looked like. Reminds me of one of those hand-colored photos.

And this was my view when I woke up: 095 A paddlewheel! You can open the window to touch the paddle, which is extremely cool.

The inside of the ferry was almost as amazing as the outside. I loved the big living room. I wish I could live there all the time and write there. 122

We had nice neighbors: a sea lion and a lot of birds. I especially liked this pelican, who was pals with the cormorants (those are ducks on the far left).

106 143

We couldn’t, alas, go on the roof:


But we were all vastly entertained by this toilet.  I don’t think I’ve ever enjoyed a toilet quite so much, in fact. 🙂


And now I want to run away from home and live on the ferry forever.



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