Ooh! That’s Interesting!: Tattoos

There’s something fascinating about tattoos, isn’t there? I guess it’s the concept of using the body as canvas, of applying art permanently to skin. The fact that someone chooses to get a tat says something about that person–although the specific message changes with time and culture–and of course the chosen design also gives insight into a person’s history and psyche.

I don’t know how long ago humans invented tattooing, but I’d guess it was thousands of years ago. We like to mark walls and we like to mark ourselves–symbols of permanency in an impermanent world.

I think it’s interesting how the perception of tattoos has changed in the US in recent years. Used to be, sailors, criminals, and people of questionable moral character got them. Today, some people still frown on them. I know my local sheriff won’t hire deputies with visible ink. If they have arm tats, he makes them wear long sleeves even if it’s over 100F out.

But the fact is, lots of folks have tattoos nowadays, and you can see this page to find proof. Including middle-aged university professors who also write m/m romance. I have three:

tat3 tat1 tat2The first one is because I have degrees in law and psychology (see the Greek psi?) and because I’m an academic. It’s a pretty nerdy tattoo. The second one is because I love travel–and also to remind myself I don’t need to carry the world on my shoulders. The third features the first 3 words from my first novel, Stasis. I might get a fourth tattoo someday, if I can decide on a design.

I find tattoos sexy, especially men with sleeve tats. Like Cleve from Venetian Masks:


Notice how one of Cleve’s designs includes wings? When the artist, Shobanu Appavu, made that amazing cover, I don’t think she knew I have similar wings on my arm.

What are your thoughts on tattoos? Do you have any? Are there any you hate? Do you share my slight fetish for sleeves?

5 thoughts on “Ooh! That’s Interesting!: Tattoos”

  1. I love tattoos but I don’t have any. It feels so definitive and I’m afraid that one day I would get bored of it like I can get bored of a hairstyle. And I must confess that I’m also afraid of the pain. But if one day I take the plunge, I would like one like your earth tattoo because I love travel too.
    I have a fondness for tattoos in the back. It can be very sexy and some are just masterpieces <3

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