Ooh, That’s Interesting! The Stockton Asylum

If you’ve been following me for a while, you may know that my novel The Tin Box was inspired in part by a real place, the Stockton State Mental Hospital. Once the largest mental hospital in California, it’s now been converted to classroom and office space. I’ve blogged about it before.

Since I was there this evening, I thought I’d post a few new photos.

081 This was the main building. It once had towers but they were eventually destroyed. It’s on the National Historic Register.

082 The campus is actually very pretty. You can see one of the houses here. I think the director lived there.

084 My classroom still has bars on the window.

085 This interior shot in the main building gives an idea how long the hallways are.

086 And here’s a nice shot of the main building in light fog. My students all think the place is haunted, but I find it far less scary than downtown Stockton. It’s a melancholy place.

If you’re interested, I’ll try to catch more shots next week.

2 thoughts on “Ooh, That’s Interesting! The Stockton Asylum”

  1. Please post more if you can. All of us need to remember that this was real. There’s an old state mental hospital in the town where my grandmother used to live and I know there were gay people there. I also know there are a lot of graves.

    If you want to read about a tragedy, google Dozier School For Boys. Horrible things went on there and they’re still finding graves. I wonder how many of those boys were there because of homosexuality. The reasons for incarceration were so vague we’ll never know but it’s a good guess that there were several.

  2. I need old pictures of the entrance and waiting room for parents 1959 was when I was there….
    I don’t remember how long but only parts of memories is valid…… My family was from there and I was having big time trouble with my anger…
    I now don’t get angry as others do, I get angry and it last a very short time…. Somewhat weird.

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