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Saturday! Along with a signficant proportion of other parents of 4th graders in California, we spent the day at a Spanish mission. Mission San Jose in our case. We’d never been to this one. It’s not the most exciting of the missions in Alta California, perhaps, but it’s still interesting. Here is my daughter:

I bear no responsibility for the outfit she’s wearing. She was quite firm in her decision that since the Spanish founded the mission and Mexico, then a sombrero was an appropriate thing to wear. It’s a nice sombrero, at least. She got it last year in Puerto Vallarta. Her sister (the 13 -year-old) was too embarrassed to be seen with her, so I think perhaps the younger kid accomplished at least part of her goals.

And since we were in the general neighborhood anyway we went to Winchester Mystery House. The kids had never been there.

I would really like to be rich and eccentric. Being middle-class and eccentric isn’t nearly as interesting.

Also, for those of you who live in the US Midwest ot East, take note of what my family members are wearing. Yes, my husband is in shorts. February is the height of Gloating Season for Californians. (If it makes you feel any better, the trees are blooming so our allergies are miserable.)

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