San Francisco weekend

My older daughter turned 17 yesterday. For her birthday gift, she asked for a family weekend trip to San Francisco. How sweet is that? We lucked out with perfect weather and even got to see a bit of the Blue Angels air show.

012 Here’s the birthday girl herself. There’s nothing better than watching your kids grown up to be lovely young adults.




And here’s her sister. We discovered a little free library and the younger kid nabbed a book, then enjoyed reading with amazing weather and a world-class view. What book would you read here?



063Have you read my book Staged? A crucial scene takes place in one of these houses (which I’ve made somewhat more upscale in my version of San Francisco).




One of the very cool things we did was visit the ruins of the Sutro Baths. You can climb all over the ruins and walk through a tunnel, enjoying this bit of the city’s history.



071 My husband enjoyed the beer flight at Beach Chalet. I enjoyed the waiter–who spilled one of these onto my husband and will become a character in a future book.




086 We went to California Academy of Sciences, where I fell in love with the sea dragons. These guys are so adorable and amazing! They look like something from Dr. Seuss.





And we made a stop at the Camera Obscura at Cliff House.




It was a nearly perfect weekend. Even my Fitbit was happy. Over 3 days, I walked up the equivalent of 60 flights of stairs.

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  1. Great post. San Francisco is one of my favorite cities in the world. There is great food, weather, people, and a variety of tourist attractions that really make it worth a trip. If you get the chance next time, take a short trip up over the Golden Gate Bridge to Muir Woods National Park where they have the Giant Redwoods. Also Alcatraz is a must see.

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