So much going on!

It’s one of those times when everything is happening all at once. Bear with me. We’ll do a list because lists make things look more manageable.

  • For this weekend only, Good Bones, Astounding!, and The Tin Box are 99 cents each at Dreamspinner. That includes the Italian Good Bones and the German Tin Box.
  • Kim-Fielding-WeekendReads_DSPsite
  • Ein Wolf in der K├╝che (Good Bones in German) is now available!
  • ein_wolf_in_der_k_che
  • I’m still Author of the Month at My Fiction Nook. This week there are more excerpts, another giveaway, and 6 facts about me.
  • My younger daughter turns 13 today. I now have two teenage girls in the house. Give me strength. To celebrate, we’re going to a performance of Sweeney Todd tonight. Meat pies for dinner!
  • Tomorrow I’m taking the 16-year-old to see Deadpool.
  • I’m still working on two novels: the one I’m co-writing with Venona Keyes is at 41K, and the slave novel is at 49K. I’m getting there!
  • I’m also doing first round edits on the second edition of Flux, which DSP Publications will release in August. Stasis comes out in May and Equipoise in November.
  • I have upcoming trips to San Francisco (drag queen brunch!) and Orlando. Then RT in in Vegas in April. I need to make swag decisions.


Gee, that’s enough for now, isn’t it?



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