What’s Kim Reading Now? Learning from Isaac by Dev Bentham

I had the pleasure of meeting Dev Bentham at GRL last October–she watched me lose at blackjack. But Learning from Isaac is the first book of hers that I’ve read. I’ll be reading more.

Do you get in moods for a sweet book with low levels of angst and some hot sexy scenes? I do. But the book has to be well-written, too. I have to care about the characters and believe in their romance. Learning from Isaac fits the bill perfectly.

Frankly, I’m not often attracted to books in academic settings because due to my day job, I spend way too much time in the ivory tower already. But this book about a professor falling for his almost ex-student dealt with academia deftly, without overdoing it. The book also handled the age difference well. I also enjoyed the inclusion of Passover, a holiday rarely depicted in m/m romance.