Holiday story!

How do you feel about holidays? I alternate between Scrooge and Cindy Lou Who, depending on the day and my mood. So when I write holiday stories, sometimes they may be a bit dark (um, “Alaska”) or sometimes definitely not. What did we get this year? Hanukkah with whipped cream and sprinkles.

GratefulFS“Grateful” is out now as a standalone short story, so you can buy it by itself. It’s discounted 30% through December 5. If you bought the Advent Calendar package, it’ll arrive on your bookshelf sometime this month.

Here’s the blurb:

Nate Roth’s latest dumb stunt has left him with a broken arm, black eye, and stitched chin—and extra trepidation about visiting his family for Hanukkah. He fears his relatives will put him through another round of criticism for his foolish choices and his nonexistent love life. Several mishaps during his short journey to his parents’ house don’t bode well. But along the way he meets impossibly gorgeous Gio DiPietro—and maybe it’s time for Nate’s risk-taking impulses to turn out well for a change.

I have to tell you, Nate and Gio were really fun to write. So these guys could be your go-to for a quick little bit of holiday cheer.

All of Dreamspinner’s other holiday stories are also 30% off right now. Time to cuddle up with the ereader and hot chocolate, don’t you think?