Look what I have!

Drew card for 55print

That’s right! Courtesy of the talented and wonderful Catherine Dair, it’s Drew Clifton from Speechless and The Gig. He has a cameo in Bone Dry too. AND! I just signed a contract with Dreamspinner for a new novel, Astounding!, and Drew makes a small appearance there too. It’ll release in June or July.

Isn’t Drew gorgeous?? But we can’t leave him by himself, can we?

Travis card for 55 print

Yes! Catherine’s also given us Drew’s beloved, Travis Miller.

I’ll be making these guys into trading cards soon–to give away at cons like GRL and GRNW. But would you be interested in seeing them on greeting cards too? Or anywhere else? Please let me know.

And give Cath some major props for drawing my boys so beautifully!