Tales from the Road: Scenes from Motel. Pool.

As you may know, I recently spent a week in Vegas for the RT Booklovers convention. See? Here I am, ready to sign books.


While I was there, I also took some photos of scenes from Motel. Pool. I thought those of you unfamiliar with Vegas might enjoy seeing these.

136 135 134 131

Above, some photos from the Strip: people playing Blackjack at Bellagio, the Strip, Caesar’s Palace, and Treasure Island.


And there’s the Venetian, of course, with Treasure Island behind it.

122 129 117

Remember when Tag went to the mall? This is it. There’s the Apple store where he researched Jack. And if you look at that third photo, you’ll see I found Tag at the mall. 🙂

007 151 149

These final 3 photos are from outside of Vegas. There’s the sign to Zzyzx (which is in California, not far from the Nevada border). There’s the big solar farm Jack and Tag discuss. And there’s Whiskey Pete’s, where the guys stop for a hamburger.

Next post? A couple photos from Rattlesnake.


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