Vacation photos, part 1

As you might know, I’ve been traveling lately. In the past month I’ve visited Zagreb, Paris, and Los Angeles. So I thought I’d share some vacation photos.

Today’s post? Food!

I began with an Impossible Burger at the airport.

Here are a few of of my favorite Croatian treats. Photo 1: Cookies, poppyseed cake, and my favorite cheese. Photo 2: Kremsnite (somewhat toppled after I carried it to my apartment). Photo 3: Me with a friend, eating strukli and drinking mistletoe brandy. Photo 4: Big Croatian pizzas! Photo 5: Sri Lankan food in a Zagreb restaurant.

In Paris? Of course I had crepes. I also got to enjoy a dinner with this crew. Later it was time for Algerian tagine.

And in LA I introduced my daughter to the joys of room service.

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