Vacation photos, part 2

As you might know, I’ve been traveling lately. In the past month I’ve visited Zagreb, Paris, and Los Angeles. So I thought I’d share some vacation photos.

Today’s photos come from one of my favorite methods of transport: trains. I find train travel relaxing, plus I love to gaze out the windows. Last month I took a night train from Zagreb to Munich, then high speed trains from Munich to Stuttgart to Paris. This month I took Amtrak to LA.

We’ll begin in Zagreb. I’ve caught trains at this station many times; for a semester, a lived 5 minutes’ walk from there. This was the first time I splurged on a single sleeper. It was cozy and comfy, and I slept well except when we stopped in Ljubljana and a group of noisy Slovenians boarded.

Breakfast on the train leaves much to be desired, but no problem. I had time in Munich for a pastry and a pretzel. As you can see, it was a chilly morning in Germany. I took that fourth photo as we crossed the border on the ICE train into France.


I don’t often travel by train in the US, but the 15-yr-old and I took Amtrak for a mini vacation in LA. As you can see, Union station in LA is gorgeous.

Do you enjoy train travel?


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