Venetian Masks Contest!

To celebrate the release of my new novel, Venetian Masks, I’m having a contest!

PRIZES: First prize is a fun box full of items from Venice, Zagreb, Ljubljana, and Trieste. The contents are valued at almost $100. I’ll also add an autographed print of the book’s amazing cover. Second prize is an electronic version of the winner’s choice of any of my books, plus I’ll mail you some postcards and other bits of swag.
[Note: Due to the costs of shipping, I can offer the first prize to US residents only. I’m sorry! But people outside the US can still enter to win the second prize.]

RULES: All entries must be received by noon Pacific Time on March 4. In the event of a tie score, the person whose entry I received first will win. All judgments as to the accuracy of answers are final. 🙂


  • This post contains 23 photos. Each photo depicts a place or thing mentioned in Venetian Masks. Your challenge is to correctly identify each one. (And yes, Spike the vampire and assorted family members do appear in many of them *g*.)
  • To enter, send an email to with your answers. Please put VENETIAN MASKS CONTEST in the subject line.
  • You need to identify the city and the specific location (or item) in each photo. For example, an entry might look like this:
    • 1. Paris, Eiffel Tower
    • 2. New York, Statue of Liberty
    • 3. Omaha, steak
  • Make sure that for each photo you identify, you give the photo number, the city, and the location or thing
  • You get one point for correctly identifying the city and another for correctly identifying the specific location or thing. Thus, you can score a maximum of 46 points.
  • Some of these are pretty obvious but some are tricky!
  • Follow me on Twitter for a chance or two to earn bonus points. @KFieldingWrites
  • Have fun!

QUESTIONS: If you have any questions, please comment below.


 1. Answer: Venice, Doge’s Palace
2.  Answer: Zagreb, Glavni Kolodvor (train station)
3.  Answer: Zagreb, burek
4. Answer: Ljubljana, Triple Bridge
5.  Answer: Murano, glass factory
6. Answer: Venice, Isola di San Michele
7. Answer: Trieste, roadside altar
8. Answer: Venice, Peggy Guggenheim museum
9. Answer: Zagreb, funicular
10. Answer: Zagreb, St. Mark’s
11. Answer: Venice, gondola
12. Answer: train from Venice to Zagreb, couchette
13. Answer: Trieste, Piazza Unita d’Italia
14. Answer: Zagreb, Miragoj cemetery
15. Answer: Venice, Rialto Bridge
16. Answer: Zagreb, trg Bana Jelacica
17. Answer: Venice, San Marco basilica
18. Answer: Venice, vaporetto
19. Answer: Ljubljana, riverside and castle on the hill
20. Answer: Venice, street
21. Answer: Zagreb, cathedral
22. Answer: Zagreb, Dolac market
23. Answer: Venice, Paizza San Marco

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  1. These pix are cool – reminds me of the kind that has the “flat” person that kids mail around the world – great concept!! And yep, I’ll say it again, the cover art is beautiful!!!

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