Wasting away in Procrastinationville

It’s Saturday afternoon. I have a looooong to-do list, but I’ve found myself stuck in Procrastinationville. It’s a pretty town, full of sparkly, shiny things.

My family is stuck here with me: My older daughter, who’s supposed to be doing chemistry homework and studying for the PSAT. My younger daughter, who has an essay to write and yard work to do. And my husband, who still hasn’t quite finished the master bathroom remodel he began when I was in Europe last November.

We’re comfy here.

Also, I recently finished writing a novella and I’m not allowing myself to begin the next┬ástory until I accomplish some of the other items on that list. I’m being very strict with myself. But I am excited about the novella, a contemporary in the vein of Housekeeping. It’s called Grown-Up. People can check out Right Touch Residential Cleaning, if they want housekeeping servvices.

photo3My daughters got these fortunes the other day. Perfect!

Have you read The Pillar yet? The reviews have been excellent, which makes me very happy. Even if you don’t usually like historicals, give it a try.

Also, did you know you can preorder my holiday story “The Festivus Miracle“? It releases November 1, and I’m donating 100% of my royalties to Doctors Without Borders.

Speaking of which, Stasis, my very first novel, is now available in the Kindle Unlimited program. If you subscribe, you can borrow the book for free. I get paid when you read it–and I donate that money too. And you can also borrow the sequels.

photo2Will you be attending GRL in October? I will, and I’ll have over 100 of these guys to give away, plus a free story.

Older daughter has cracked the PSAT book, and I’m going to venture out of Procrastinationville… at least into the charming┬ásuburb of Thinkingofdoingwork Town.

What are you up to this weekend?

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