Yay! Running Blind release day!

runningblindfs_v1It doesn’t matter how many books I publish–release days are always exciting. And today is release day for Running Blind!

This is my 16th novel and he first I’ve co-written. Working with Venona was so much fun–in part because she’s a lovely person, but also because we could bounce ideas off each other. And we could rely on each other’s expertise. Venona lives near Chicago and participates in triathlons, so she contributed a great deal toward the book’s setting and toward Kyle and Seth’s running habits. She knows a lot about manga too, which was also terrifically helpful.

We also relied on other people for information. Kyle is a voice actor. Greg Tremblay patiently let us pick his brain about the details of book narration, and K.C. Kelly  tprovided some great tips too.

To celebrate the new book, we’re doing a tour complete with exclusive excerpts, bonus ficlets, inside information, and three great giveaways. Click here for the schedule.

And be sure to check out Running Blind!

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Kyle Green is on top of the world. He and Matt have been together for ten years, and—as the voice of Ecos, the wildly popular anime character—Kyle is treated like a rock star in anime circles. But in an instant, a stroke leaves him blind. When photographer Matt gets the opportunity of a lifetime, Kyle reexamines their relationship, discovers it has been a safety net rather than a true romance, and sets Matt free to pursue his dream. Kyle’s life and career as he knew them are gone, and he must now find the courage and creativity to draft a new plan.

After being away for fifteen years, Seth Caplan comes home to Chicago to care for his mother and to partner with a small start-up tech company. He and Kyle meet after Kyle’s collision with a child’s sidewalk toy, and they hit it off. Kyle wants to get back into running, and Seth becomes his guide. As they get to know each other, they start seeing each other beyond their three-times-a-week runs. But Seth’s revelation of the dark reason why he left his career in California sends the relationship into a tailspin and leaves both men running blind.

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