30 Day Writing Challenge: Day 13

13. Your commute to and from work/school/etc.

I have an extremely short commute: 2 miles, door to door. I could easily walk it, except I’m often carrying papers, books, etc. Plus it gets hot here and I’d rather not arrive at work all sweaty. So I do my walk after I drive home.

Sometimes I wish my commute was a little longer, because that’s when I listen to NPR. For the past 10 years–until just about a month ago–my homeward commute was actually longer because I had to pick the kids up from their schools. Their schools are over 2 miles from home and we have no bus service here. By the time I got to the schools, endured the awful traffic from other parents, waited, and drove home, over an hour would elapse. Ugh. Nowadays, though, the older kid is driving. She picks the younger one up on her way home. I’m gifted with an extra hour per day!

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