Carter’s trip–in reverse

If you’ve read my newest book, Astounding!, you know that Carter takes a road trip from Seattle, through Portland, to Yosemite, and then to California’s Central Valley. As it happens, my family vacation this year is Carter’s trip in reverse. Minus Yosemite and minus a Tab Hunter lookalike who claims to be an alien. I’m in Seattle right now. I thought you’d enjoy some pics.

001 This is in NorCal, near Mt. Shasta. I always like this volcanic cone.

002 And I always like the rainbow trucks.

005 This RV resembles Carter’s. 🙂

007 In the book, the guys camp here one night. It’s in southern Oregon.

008 This car made me smile.

011 I’m a little biased, but I think Portland’s a pretty city.

015 Salt & Straw has the world’s best ice cream–and some unusual flavors.

019 This is in Beaverton, home of the lesbian futon queens in the Bones series. And my favorite restaurant name.

022 Bridge over the Columbia. Karl and Ery’s houseboat is nearby.

023 Southern Washington = log trucks

029 St. Helens. I remember watching it erupt.

039 Guess where.

048 Look! The teenager is smiling in a photo!

052 Spike also enjoys the view.

086 A certain character in Astounding! may have been a bit inspired by this fellow. I took this pic at the EMP Museum.

103 I’m a fan of Frank Gehry, who designed the EMP Museum. Dylan from the Bones books is a fan too.

111 The monorail, of course!

Tonight (July 2), several authors and I will be doing book readings in Seattle. Click here for details, and be sure to come by if you’re in the neighborhood!


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