I don’t watch much TV. I know, lots of people say that and don’t really mean it. But seriously, nowadays I watch a couple of hours a week, tops. It’s not that I have anything against television; I just don’t have time for it. Day job, writing, kids, daily walk… you know how it goes.

But there are usually one or two shows a week that my husband and I watch together. In the past, those have included Dexter and True Blood. Right now—well, not now, since the season is over—it’s Game of Thrones.

So perhaps you won’t be surprised to learn that a secondary character in my new novel, Astounding!, was inspired by George R.R. Martin. Long ago, Freddy and Carter were lovers. They founded a pulp fiction magazine. But eventually they broke up. Freddy became a very successful writer, while Carter remained as editor of the magazine, which is dying when my book begins. But the two are still friends, and when Freddy invites Carter on a road trip, Carter impulsively asks John to join them. Who’s John? A terrible writer who claims to be an alien.

What’s your must-watch TV show?

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