December tour, giveaways, and releases

December is going to be a very exciting month for me, with the releases of one novel (Brute)  and two holiday-themed short stories (A Great Miracle Happened There and Joys R Us). To celebrate, I have a busy calendar of events, including a blog tour and book giveaways. Here’s the calendar as it stands now; there may be additions as we go, so please check back.

I’ll be giving away one e-copy and one print copy of Brute during the blog tour. To enter, just leave a comment on my post at any of the blogs below. You can enter multiple times by commenting on mutiple blogs. I’ll choose winners on December 25.

I hope you can join me!

ALL MONTH: Silver Publishing Scavenger Hunt Promo

DEC 1: A Great Miracle Happened There available from Dreamspinner Press

DEC. 3: Brute available from Dreamspinner Press
              Guest interview at Slashsessed

DEC. 3 through 7: Equipoise is free in Kindle format!

DEC. 4: Guest blog with Charlie Cochet

DEC. 5: Guest blog with Cate Ashwood

DEC. 6: Guest blog with Lily Velden

DEC. 7: Guest interview with Matthew Lang

DEC. 8: Guest blog with Ana Bosch

DEC. 9: Guest blog with Anne Barwell

DEC. 10: Guest blog with Shira Anthony

DEC. 11: Guest blog with Jana Denardo
               Nice & Naughty Interview at Between the Covers

DEC. 12: Guest blog with Butterfly-O-Meter Books

DEC. 13: Joys R Us avaliable from Silver Publishing
               Guest  blog with Jacob Flores

DEC. 14: Guest blog with Augusta Li

DEC. 15: Guest interview at Spankingworld

DEC. 16: Guest blog with J.R. Loveless

Some time between Dec. 17 and Dec. 21: My post appears for Long and Short Reviews Christmas Blogfest

DEC. 17: Jana Denardo guest blogs here

DEC. 18: Guest blog with D.J. Serani

DEC. 24: Guest blog at Guys Like Romance, Too (with an extra giveaway!)

DEC. 25: Winners in Brute giveaway chosen

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  1. Gosh!! You are busy! Well, it’s so exciting and I’m glad you have such a lot fun. Well, I hope it’s not just stress and at least a bit fun in it!
    I tried to comment as chaoskir (well it’s me) but it does’t worked. When it comes up to publish the comment they say: “anonymus said”. Well, I’m not Anonymus. *grmpf* I’m chaoskir! *grmpf*

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