Dylan and Chris’s farm–well, sorta

If you’ve read my Bones series, you know about Dylan and Chris’s farm. It’s fictional, of course, but it’s based on a real place in Oregon. And since my brother and SIL own that farm–and since they’re on vacation–I get to farmsit for several days. Here are some photos.

No werewolves on the real farm, but there are some beasts.


Yeah, not exactly terrifying. Well, one of them is, but she’s only visiting. I’ve seen a lot of different birds and lots of frogs. And something lives here, I think:

021 I’m suspecting an otter because it’s alongside the creek and when I walked by, something large went splash.

017 Yes, the creek. No pond in real life, but Karl would feel at home in the creek, I think. It’s a really pretty one.

110 The real barn is bigger than Ery’s studio.

038 See? Big barn. You can’t tell from this photo, but it’s on multiple levels due to the hillside. Dylan can’t keep animals for obvious reasons, but the real farm has various birds.

015 Which means lots of eggs.

112 Those blackberries Kay uses for her pies? Totally real. Many, many blackberries.

116 In the books, Chris rents the fields across the road to a guy who grows wheat. In reality, we have hay, and my family doesn’t own that land.

035 I’m afraid Dylan’s big old farmhouse–in perpetual need of renovation–doesn’t exist. Chris’s shack, does, sort of, although the real neighbor’s house is in better shape.

026 Also, the real farm has impressive thistles. These babies are almost 7 feet tall.

The jury is still out on whether a dream unicorn or Bigfoot drop by for a visit.



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