Eat Your Alligator!: Motel. Pool.

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Paranormal romances are popular, yet I know a lot of readers don’t like ghost stories. I’m not sure why. Maybe they’re doubtful that the characters can achieve a HEA if one of them is a ghost. Maybe readers think it’s impossible for the spectral set to enjoy¬†a satisfying sex life.

Motel.PoolFSIf you’ve found yourself in the anti-phantom camp, consider trying my Motel. Pool. Sure, Jack died several decades before Tag was born. I’m not gonna lie–that does put a bit of a crimp in things. But can you trust me to find a way to give these guys a happy ending anyway? And also to make sure that along the way, Jack and Tag enjoy some special–and very physical–intimate times together?

If you’re willing to give this one a shot, I can offer you side benefits. There are some minor characters I’m really fond of, particularly biker dude Buddy (who makes a cameo in Rattlesnake). And there are some wonderfully gritty settings–the abandoned ruins of an Arizona motel, a seedy Las Vegas fleatrap, a crappy downtown casino. The kinds of places where ghosts seem inevitable, really.

I got the inspiration for this book when my husband surprised us with a road trip to the Grand Canyon, followed by a few days in Vegas. I love the way the story came together and I think maybe you will too. Oh, and that gorgeous cover is by Paul Richmond.

So eat your alligator, and give a ghost a try.

You can find Motel. Pool. at Amazon, Dreamspinner, and other booksellers.

Spirit_postcard_front_DSPOh, and if you discover you like sexy ghosts? preorder Spirit, which releases October 19.


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