Report from GRL ’15

Okay, first off, let me say that if you must drive over 400 miles–twice–much of it through the central valley and some through (shudder) LA, you need to drive with Christopher Koehler and Amy Lane. I mean, you already know that they’re talented writers, but they are also funny and kind and whip-smart. Oh, and none of has have conflicted musical tastes. So the trek to and from San Diego was way more fun and way less boring than I’d dreaded when I thought I’d be driving alone.

GayRomLit was in San Diego this year, right on Mission Bay. I got to share a room with the lovely Charlie Cochet and the equally lovely Barb. This was our view:


That’s the bay. The ocean was just a few blocks away. It made for great scenery when Eli Easton and I went for a walk.

007 014

I had swag to give away, including some really cool necklaces. Catherine Dair made the art and my sister made the necklaces.

016 034

Here are a few more wonderful people: Venona Keyes, Morticia Knight, CJane Elliott,  Wendy Rathbone, ZAllora Allora, Shira Anthony, Jessica Freely, and Jules.

018 020 021 022 025 028 032

Oh, and these guys. 🙂


One evening, I joined a great group for an excursion to old town Sacramento, where we wandered and ate Mexican food. Left to right: K.C. Burn, Tara Lain, Eli Easton, lyric, and CJane Elliott.


It was a fantastic several days, filled with old friends and new. Next year? Kansas City.

And on the drive back, we saw a giant strawberry/lemon.








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