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I’m excited that I’ll be attending GayRomLit this year as a supporting author! I went in 2012 and had a blast, but had to miss it last year because I was in Europe (I know–boo hoo). Now I’m trying to make a decision about swag, and I’d love your input.

I will definitely have two free stories to give away! One of them is a sequel to Guarded. But I wanted to give out something else too. I’ll have two releases in October and I thought it would be fun to theme my swag with one or both of those.

Bone Dry will be coming out that month. It’s the 3rd book in the Bones series. I will also have a vodou-themed novella called “The Dance.” It’ll be one of the stories in the second Gothika anthology, which is called Bones. So bones-themed swag makes sense to me.

But also, Bone Dry includes a pair of ducks and a dream unicorn named Skuld as minor characters. So maybe that would be fun.

Please vote your choice below. Feel free to spread the word so your friends can vote too. Oh, and comments are very welcome! Thank you!


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