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Interview Roulette questions

Hi everyone. I’m Jayne Lockwood and I write under two names, S.A. Smythe for M/M erotic romance and Jayne Lockwood for romantic suspense (gay, straight, pan – I like to mix it up!) My current WIP is a science fiction/romance between a scientist and the alien who steps out of time in the name of love. I hope to publish sometime around Christmas 2017. Very many thanks to Kim Fielding for hosting me on her wonderful blog. 

What food would you only consider eating if you were stranded on a desert isle with nothing else to consume?

You see, this is where I run into problems, because my immediate answer would be, and would always be, tapioca milk pudding (or frogspawn,) because there is nothing on this earth that would get me to eat it, thanks to being traumatised with it at school. We were sat at tables with “food monitors” which is code for “meglomaniac senior kids” and they would force us to eat everything on our plates. Bobbly chicken skin, wrinkly, lumpy custard, thick chunks of bread pudding, gristly beef; it was horrendous. The cook was this savage little lady who always had a cigarette dangling from her mouth. And she couldn’t cook for shit. So yeah, tapioca pudding. The thing is, that implies that cows are on the island, and if that were the case, the unfortunate bovine would be on the fire pit faster than you can say “T-Bone.” So logically, tapioca milk pudding doesn’t make sense, but I’m still going with it

You can eat only one ice cream flavor for the rest of your life. Which is it? 

Hmmm. Quentin Tarantino once told a story about being with a friend in New York, trying a peanut frappuccino. After tasting it, the friend said that if Elvis Presley ate a load of peanuts and then had an orgasm, his frappucino would taste just like that. So unless someone can present me with a gelato made purely from milk from golden cows, certified Elvis Presley jizz and peanuts, I’ll go without. PS. I hate ice cream!

Which of your characters is going to Vegas with you and why?

Definitely Lexington Black, because he has the money to put us up in a wonderful hotel and we can have a lot of fun on the Sunset Strip. There’s no point doing Vegas on a budget. And he  might even sneak a kiss from Barry Manilow. Cocacobana!

Which of your characters should run for US President?

Well, not Lex, because I think he might be a bit of an asshole unless Rob can keep him in check. I actually have another character in one of my Jayne Lockwood books, Closer Than Blood. Richard Mason is a an altruistic psychopath, so in the current climate, he would be a perfect US President, because….

Multimillionaire businessman (stay with it…)

LGBT and proud of it (He’s pansexual)

Ruthless (he’s killed a few people but they were all assholes, so that’s okay.)

He’s philanthropic, looking out for the poor and hungry

He’s profoundly dyslexic, so what a great role model for others with the same difficulties.

Respects women (after a painful lesson from his forever love, Pagan. Yeah, so she could be his half-sister but nothings’ ever been proven….)

I’d say he was perfect for the role!

Write a story—no more than 100 words–based on this prompt: When the levee failed….

When the levee failed, people began to die; some slowly and painfully, others with shocking ease. 
From afar, ignorant men in power calculated the demage, some satisfied the cleansing had finally happened. God had turned his mighty wrath on the sinful. They turned away from the carnage.
Yet as the waters eased, a rainbow appeared. The spirit of the people began to gain strength. Understanding, communication, many hands reached out in love to support their neighbours, resources pooled to rebuild a wounded community.
Nothing, not God or natural causes, would keep the human spirit oppressed. After all, love is love.
What were your favorite childhood books?
I had a varied and precocious taste in books, fed avidly by my father, who would present me with thick tomes that would make a lot of kids just run away screaming today because there weren’t any pictures. Reading was the one thing in school I was actually good at! So my favourite childhood books were:

Peter Pan by J.M. Barrie

Marianne Dreams by Catherine Storr

Rebecca by Daphe du Maurier

Nicholas Nickleby by Charles Dickens

Describe a memorable dream—or nightmare

I dream a lot, and promptly forget them the next day, but this one is memorable and I hope it doesn’t cause upset.

About twenty years ago, I began having dreams about climbing up a tall building. It was made of glass, very straight, so I could see right down to the ground as I was climbing. When I reached the top, there was a clock, a huge one with a big pendulum. It was ticking slowly, going backwards. There was a sense of impending menace but I wasn’t sure why. Looking out over the city, I knew I was in New York, but it was slightly different, with grassy spaces and hillsides amidst the big buildings. But the building I was on was so much bigger. After a while, I knew I had to get down to the ground, so I ran down the stairs. It was a bit like an Escher drawing, but I made it, and was really grateful to breath fresh air. It was a good feeling. 

I had this dream several times in a couple of years, which is why it made such an impression, but the dreams stopped after 9/11, and I haven’t had it since. 

What’s something you—or one of your characters—got in trouble for while in school

I was such a goody two-shoes, it was probably nauseating. Most of my characters have been terribly good at school. Or unexceptional anyway. But …. Does sleeping with the Headmaster count? Lexington Black did that when he was 18 (which is legal in England.) I meant, he was of legal age. So sleeping with the Headmaster is probably legal too, though probably not advisable….

Pick any place in the world to spend the next 6 months. Where is it and why?

That’s really hard, as I love the coast, but in the end, I think I’d choose somewhere close to Mesa Verde, in Arizona. I’m an inveterate weather watcher, so the opportunity to mix writing, exploring the wild and watching clouds would be irresistible.

You’re on a ship with Mark Twain, Albert Einstein, Catherine the Great, David Bowie, Billie Holiday, and Gengis Khan. But oh no! The ship is sinking and the lifeboat only holds four people. You get to decide—who gets on that lifeboat?

Grrrr, I hate this question! I just take it all so seriously, not wanting to consign anyone to a watery grave. 

I think Alexandra the Great and Gengis Khan would get on fabulously, and between them would be resourceful enough to build their own lifeboat before the ship sinks. And they would kill everyone else if I chose them, so Adios to those two. That leaves Mark Twain, Albert, David and Billie. Billie Holliday is tiny, and I’m only 5’4”. David Bowie was tall but really skinny, so actually, there would be room for all of us on the boat, as long as we get to it before Gengis does!

Book blurb:

Lexington Black by S.A. Smythe 

Robin Martyn is divorced, straight, and living an unexciting life as a book-keeper for a luxury car showroom. His ambition to be an author has stalled, and he has a nightmare of a family, most of whom think he is a waste of space. His father killed himself when Rob was 15, and since then, Rob has found it hard to trust and commit himself to anyone but himself, yet over the course of a test drive with a suave stranger, he discovers he is capable of behaving in a totally irrational and risky manner.
Lexington Black is the wealthy New Yorker who rocks Rob’s world. After a night of hot sex, he wastes no time in luring Rob to the US to stay at his penthouse for a month so that he can reboot his writing career. A ruthless businessman, Lex is accustomed to getting what he wants. He is in love with Rob and he also wants his ailing father to accept his sexuality before the old man dies.
As Rob is introduced to gay Manhattan by Lex’s colourful friends, he is unaware that Lex is holding on to a crucial secret. Years before, Lex was a student at the college where Rob’s father was Headmaster. A brief encounter between them had resulted in the tragedy that Rob had been unable to forget. With this secret hanging between them, it is only a matter of time before Rob and Lex’s relationship is balanced on a knife edge. 
A heated tale of deception and lust between two hot men who cannot keep their hands off each other…

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Author bio:

I’ve been writing for many years, starting out at County College of Morris in New Jersey with a course in Journalism. Since then I’ve published five novels for Black Lace Books under a pseudonym (Savannah Smythe) and one ghostwritten book for glamour celebrity, Abi Titmuss, in 2005 (10 Fantasies.) Also, I’ve published two M/M erotica stories as S. A. Smythe, Lexington Black andDocklands Diamond, both available on Amazon and Smashwords.
I’ve also published The Cloud Seeker and Closer Than Blood, both romantic suspense novels under Hollow Hills Publishing. At the moment, I’m working on my third Jayne Lockwood novel. I draw from my experiences as an Englishwoman and my time in New Jersey. The area of the Chilterns where I grew up and where I live now is rich in inspiration, secrets and tales from the past.
Finally, I write book reviews for WROTE Podcast ( WROTE stands for WRitten On The Edge, and features authors and other creatives from the LGBTQ community. I’m very proud to be a part of this venture, which was started in 2014 by myself, S.A. Collins and Vance Bastian, both terrific authors and friends. The podcast is going from strength to strength, and is a great way of getting to know some fantastic LGBTQ writers and artists.
More information on my work can be found on
or S.A. Smythe’s blog 

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Finally, I’m also on QueerRomance Ink!

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  1. Great questions, Kim, and super answers, Jayne!

    I loved your When The Levee Breaks story. (Of course now I have the song on my mind…)

    I also loved your rationale on the life boat.

    Your dream is definitely eerie, but also cool.

    Love your work and you.
    Best of everything!

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