Interview Roulette: Kellie Doherty

Please welcome Kellie Doherty!

  1. What food would you only consider eating if you were stranded on a desert isle with nothing else to consume? Bugs, for sure. If there was nothing else at all to eat anywhere on the island, I’d eat bugs. But only after I cooked them and crushed them into something unrecognizable. I know in other cultures bugs are a staple (good protein, lots of them, etc.), but I just can’t get over the way they look and move!
  2. If you were to become a street performer, what would you do to entertain people and earn some money? I would ask people to give me a prompt (or two) and then write a short poem or flash fiction piece for them. If I had to choose something outside my current skill set, I’d do fire dancing! I haven’t a clue how to do that, of course, but if I became a street performer, I’d learn.
  3. One of your characters has just been arrested and calls you to bail him out. Who is it and what did he get busted for? Jeff Dee would be reckless enough to be arrested. Probably someone made a quip about his brother Will, so he got angry and threw a punch. Arrested for fighting, for sure.
  4. Pick any place in the world to spend the next 6 months. Where is it and why? Ooo, I’d love to live in Kyoto, Japan, just to see if I could do it and because I loved Kyoto when I visited it back in 2014. Think of all the noodles I could have! And the onigiri!
  5. You’re walking down the street when a spaceship lands in front of you and a half dozen aliens pile out. What do you do? Step one: freak out for a second. Step two: see if they’re hostile looking. If they look hostile, consider running away. If they don’t look hostile, proceed to step three. Step three: greet them with a friendly wave.
  6. What is your superpower? In an ideal world? The ability to heal anyone, anytime, anywhere. For real, though? Probably my ability to keep pushing on even when it gets hard.
  7. You get to spend a day with a character from any book—but not one of your own. Who do you choose? Currently, I’d choose Sissix from A Long Way to a Small Angry Planet. She’d be able to tell me all about the Aandrisk culture—as well as a lot of other interesting otherworldly cultures—and would help me expand my horizons a bit. I’d hope to get a feather from her, too.
  8. What is your favorite mythological creature? Dragons, for sure! But not the usual massive fire-breathing ones. I’d want a tiny dragon, one that had a specialty breath—like cold or lightening or wind—and that could perch on my shoulders.


Book blurb: After escaping Donavin’s grasp, Mia Foley and her crew crash on a prison planet and need to deal with its inhabitants, beast and criminals alike. Mia hears Donavin in her mind once again and knows the transformation into one of his drones isn’t far off. Trapped in her own body, lashing against Donavin each chance she gets, and fearful that she’ll lose it all, Mia has to rely on her crew—on Cassidy—to save her. But she’s not the only one transforming in her little group, and things never go as smoothly as they could out in the black.


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Author bio: Kellie Doherty lives in Portland, Oregon, though she spent her childhood in Alaska. In June 2016, she graduated with a Master’s in Book Publishing from Portland State University. She is also a freelance editor, taking jobs whenever they come her way. Kellie has been writing since she was young. Her work (fiction and non-fiction) has been published in Flight (Mischief Corner Press), Mission 20 (Back of Beyond Press) Pathos, Alaska Women Speak, F Magazine, and The Chugiak-Eagle River Star, as well as the blogs of 49 Writers and Ooligan Press. Her debut novel—Finding Hekate—came out in April 2016 and the sequel—Losing Hold—came out in April 2017. She is currently working on a fantasy series.

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