Interview Roulette: Tracey Michael

It’s Tracey Michael’s turn today!


  1. What is the strangest food you like to eat? Ketchup on my Mac & Cheese and syrup on my cornbread.
  2. Is there a fiction genre you would write only if forced to at gunpoint? That would probably be horror. I’m not a horror fan in any form so writing it would have to be forced.
  3. If one of your characters were to practice a random act of kindness, what would it be? My Thea from Pretty Please is the first person I thought of. She’s a mechanic and already barters for payment, so I could see her stopping to help a stranded driver or helping someone carry their groceries to their car in a driving rain.
  4. What’s one thing that inspired your latest book? Paul Walker and Vin Diesel inspired Beyond the Grill. Every time I saw a picture of them, I couldn’t help but feel the closeness.
  5. Describe a traumatic weather-related experience you’ve had. If you’ve never had any, make one up. Dude, every time it snows and I have to drive in it, it’s a traumatic weather experience. I’ve lived in Ohio my whole life but I’ve never been comfortable driving in snow. I’m so tense, when I get where I’m going, everything aches.

Book blurb: Justin Walker is used to being the hookup but never the boyfriend, and that’s okay. Justin has goals—he might sling burgers by night and work on his car by day, but he has plans to go to school and make a life for himself. He also has a few friends and loving parents.

What more could a guy ask for?

Hot, muscular, manly Shane Steel is a walking wet dream. Justin fantasizes about having Shane as more than a casual acquaintance, and one night he works up the courage to flirt with Shane. To his surprise—and terror—Shane is interested. Very interested.

As they bond over their love of cars and drag racing, Justin begins to believe he can be more to Shane than a side guy. Too bad Shane’s manipulative and dangerous ex is dead set against letting that happen.


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Author bio: I am known by a few names. At any one time I am known as Mom, Mommy or Mama, depending on which of my three children are wanting me. My husband of 20+ years has his own names for me. But the name on my driver’s license says Tracey. I work as a cost accountant at a local manufacturing plant.

I’ve been having a love affair with books since I was a teenager. I love to read. Romance novels are my favorite. I read traditional and non-traditional.

Around 1999, my husband introduced me to NHRA drag racing and I loved it. We try to go as often as possible. Mmmm…the smell of Nitro.

I love to bake when I have time.


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