I am very fortunate to be spending a few days in Paris, en route to Zagreb. This is my first visit here and I’m really enjoying it. I’m impressed with Parisians’ polite and even cheerful responses to my awful, awful French.

I’m staying in Le Marais, right in the heart of Gay Paris. Which means the patisserie up the street sells anatomically correct brioche. I didn’t buy one today and now I’m sort of regretting it–tomorrow, maybe. I love how different cities do porny food with a local twist. In Venice they sell penis pasta.

This is a piece of art I’ve always wanted to see in person–Michelangelo’s Dying Slave. It’s truly gorgeous, although judging by the expression on the guy’s face, he seems to be more in the aftermath of la petite morte than having shuffled off this mortal coil. And speaking of the undead:

And let me add that updating my blog would be easier if Blogger wasn’t in French right now.

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