Househunters, the home version

I love watching Househunters International. It’s especially fun when I’ve visited the cities, but even when I haven’t I love peeking into homes across the world. My husband and I watch together and discuss which house the people on TV should choose.

Well, this morning I’m playing the home version, and you can to0! I hope to spend a week in Zagreb in November, and I’m looking at 3 apartments.

Apartment 1 is in an amazing location right on the main square, right next door to the wonderful main greenmarket. It ticks all my boxes. *g* But at $2100/month, it’s over budget:
Apartment 2 is a few blocks away and has a lot of character. There’s also a terrace, and the rent is cheaper at about $1600/month. But it’s on the 3rd floor (4th by the way Americans count) and there’s no elevator:
Apartment 3 is a couple blocks from the main square. At about $1100, it’s under budget. But it’s tiny and the shower is annoying.

I have a lot to think about.

Which should I choose?

2 thoughts on “Househunters, the home version”

  1. Ooh, tough call. Both #1 and #2 are spacious and nicely decorated. Number 2 is the more affordable of the two–and you might come home with buns of steel after all those stairs! (Will November in Zagreb be too chilly for using the terrace?)

    I’m not sure which I’d choose. Good luck making a decision!

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