Inspiration Post #17: Old photos

I’ve always loved going through old family photos. That’s what inspired my story Violet’s Present, in which the photo of a long-gone relative quite literally sends Matt back in time.

Because photos can send us back, can’t they? Like this one of me, circa 1983:

I remember that shirt. It was stylin’. I remember sitting at the kitchen table reading the Sunday paper–something I rarely have time for nowadays.

From the same era:

That’s me, all dolled up for shudder my first job. I can still remember the smell of hot grease in polyester.

This one’s only about 11 years old. I possess 10,000 pictures of my older daughter smiling like this. Nowadays she hides her face or scowls. I remember too, how much she loved those Snow White shoes. She wanted to wear them everywhere and she was devastated when she outgrew them.

Photos can take us to times and places we’ve never been, like this one:

That’s my husband, long before I met him.

And these next two go way back, because this is my grandmother. That means the one on the left is nearly 100 years old.

And here’s my dad, who was adorable.

Old photos are so much fun!

Next week: L’Angelo