Interview Roulette: Felicitas Ivey


Felicitas Ivey spins the wheel today!

  1. What food would you only consider eating if you were stranded on a desert isle with nothing else to consume? Granola, if it could come in different flavors. If not, then any kind of Dal dish. I like Indian food a lot.
  2. Pick any place in the world to spend the next 6 months. Where is it and why? I’ve been there twice and loved it. There is so much more of the country I want to explore, since I’ve only been to Tokyo and Kyoto, and the area surrounding both cities. I want to really get to know the place I write about a lot.
  3. You’re walking down the street when a spaceship lands in front of you and a half dozen aliens pile out. What do you do? See if they are friendly or hostile :-). Hostile, get the heck out of their way and then tell the police, anonymously, where they are. Friendly and we can communicate? Out to dinner, see if they need directions or any other help.
  4. One of your characters just won a prize for doing something really well. Who is it and what prize did he or she win? Marcus and Ralph from ‘Tell the Bees, I’m Sorry’ took First Place in a New England Mead contest. They finally perfected a sweet, carbonated mead.
  5. Are you a nerd and/or a geek? Provide evidence to support your answer. After looking at both definitions, a geek. While both geeks and nerds lack social skills, I’m more of a multitasker with my obsessions. Books, gaming books, yarn, and too many DVDs/Blurays for one persons. But actually, I’m more of an old school Otaku, fascinated and filling my house with too much anime stuff, on top of the regular books and movies.
  6. If you were to become a street performer, what would you do to entertain people and earn some money? I’d be a belly dancer. I like dancing and had taken lessons when I was younger.
  7. Describe one of your characters’ dream vehicles. Kobbi from ‘And to All a Good Night’ secretly wants an early 80s Pontiac Firebird. One of the ones with the pop up headlights and the firebird on the hood. It’s low slung, terrible on gas and does not go in the snow, but he still occasionally thinks about getting one as a summer car.
  8. What’s the longest road trip you’ve been on? I don’t drive places much, I either fly or take the train. But when I was younger, I did lot of drives from Boston to Baltimore for conventions. On the way back from Bucconeer, the ’98 Science Fiction World Con, my friend and I spent three hours wandering around Philly to ‘gift’ someone with two six foot tall paper-marche flamingos. This was a time before google maps, we were using the Philly map Book, but the street signage and names down there are worse then in Boston, so we were lost for a lot of it. Plus we were also driving a twenty foot panel truck. After a week of little sleep and a lot of parties, the strangest things seem sane.
  9. Which of your characters should run for US President? I don’t think any one of them should run. If they have the ambition to do so, most of my novel characters are non US citizens and so can’t. But if it would be any of them, it would be Wahka from the Dreamlands series. After wrangling the cats and his priests, the House and the Senate would be no challenge.


Book blurb: Dreamspun Desires #46

A billionaire and a Bedouin girl—each with a shocking secret.

Billionaire Fathi al-Murzim is a workaholic businessman, too busy running the family’s companies to even think about marriage. Too bad he never told his grandfather he’s gay, because Grandfather just announced a childhood betrothal—to a Bedouin girl Fathi never heard about before.

Ikraam din Abdel was raised as a woman by his avaricious and abusive older sister, who didn’t want him to be their father’s heir. He’d never thought to be married either, and is surprised when his sister informs him of his betrothal.

When Fathi and Ikraam meet, they are drawn to each other in a manner neither of them expected. As the plans for their wedding progress, they both realize they need to tell the other the truth. But can they, with both cultural taboos and family pressures to deal with?


Book buy links: out November 15, 2017


Author bio:

Felicitas is a frazzle help desk tech at a university in Boston, who wishes people wouldn’t argue with her when she’s troubleshooting what’s wrong with their computer. She lives with three cats want her to pay more attention to them, and not sitting at a computer pounding the keyboard. Her house is also home to Angenor the Minotaur, who thinks there aren’t enough labyrinths in the house, even with all the stacks of books.

Felicitas writes urban fantasy with a side of horror of a Lovecraftian nature, with monsters beyond space and time that think that humans are the tastiest things in the multiverse. Her short stories for her most part are firmly routed in the real world. Which one that is, she’s not too sure. Occasionally there’s a romance or two involved in her novels.

Felicitas knits and hoards yarn, firmly believing the one with the most yarn wins. She also is sitting on hoards of manga, doujinshi, and books, which still threaten to take over her house, even with ebooks. Between writing and knitting, she brews beer, wine, mead and flavoured liqueurs.

Felicitas also bakes, and makes cakes whenever she needs to work out an issue in her novels. Sometimes, this leads to a lot of cakes. Her co-workers appreciate them, as well as the starving student workers she attempts to herd.

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