New regular features

Far be it from me to claim that I’m regular… but I thought it would be fun to run some scheduled features here. I’ll still chat about my family, my travels, and my books, and I’ll still have guests. But I’ll also have some scheduled things for you to (I hope) look forward to.


Mondays will be What’s Kim Reading Now? I’ll give you brief recommendations for books I think you might enjoy, in a variety of genres.


Wednesdays are for Ooh! That’s Interesting! I’ll┬ádiscuss some bit of trivia that’s caught my attention.


And Fridays we’ll have a Blast from the Past. Guests and I will highlight books from our backlists–treasures a year or more old that you might have missed.


I hope you enjoy these new features. I’d love it if you comment on them, and feel free to suggest topics as we go.

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