What’s Kim Reading Now: How to Howl at the Moon by Eli Easton

Okay, full disclosure–Eli Easton is a friend. In fact, we were roomies at a recent workshop and she’s sitting in the room with me this very minute. But I’m also a huge fan of her work and I wouldn’t rec it if I didn’t love it.

How to Howl at the Moon is a shifter book in which one MC shifts into a border collie. The other MC is oblivious to this important fact.

I read about half of this book while squished on a transcontinental flight and the other half sitting poolside, cool drink at hand. It fit the bill perfectly for both settings: it was engaging, fun, and sweet. I loved the characters and the plot was just right–just the right amount of tension. The take on shifters is fresh. And Eli Easton wrote it, which means it’s well-written too. And funny! I’ll be looking forward to more in the series.


What’s Kim Reading Now: Unwrapping Hank by Eli Easton

I’m going to start with disclosures: Eli Easton is a friend and I was one of her beta readers for this story. But I’m also a huge fan of hers, and Unwrapping Hank is a good example of why.

I liked that this was a sweet, relatively non-angsty Christmas story that never became too saccharine. I liked the secondary characters almost as much as the primary ones. Hank’s family is especially great. And I liked that Hank is a big man with a soft heart because, well, I have sort of a thing for those guys.

What I especially loved, however, was the writing. Eli’s writing makes me envious. She sprinkles in these little turns of phrase that are funny enough to make me laugh out loud. But it never feels like she’s working too hard to be clever–her language is smooth and natural. And it has a lot of heart.

This is the perfect December read. Buy it, sit down with your peppermint hot cocoa near at hand, and enjoy.

Unwrapping Hank is available at Amazon.