Valentine’s Day kisses and a contest!

Look what I have to share for Valentine’s Day, courtesy of the talented Lex Chase. That’s right–it’s Nevin and Colin from Love Is Heartless, caught in a romantic moment. Nevin would undoubtedly swear a lot if he knew we were looking.

I think Valentine’s Day is the perfect opportunity for poetry. And that means it’s time for a contest.


  1. To enter, post an original poem in the comments to this post.
  2. The poem can be either a haiku (3 lines; 5-7-5 syllables) or a quatrain (4 lines; some kind of rhyme structure).
  3. The poem must be about a romantic couple. They don’t have to be one of my couples. Do specify in your post who they are and what book(s) they’re from.
  4. You can enter more than once.
  5. Make sure to include your email address so I can contact you if you win.
  6. Entries close at midnight Pacific time on February 21.
  7. On February 22 I’ll randomly choose one winner from among the properly formatted entries.
  8. The winner gets a $10 Dreamspinner gift certificate and one ebook of mine–winner gets to choose which one.

10 thoughts on “Valentine’s Day kisses and a contest!”

  1. Really nice drawing ! <3
    Let's try a haiku with Carter and John from Astounding!

    Their souls interlaced
    Sparking under the moonlight
    Hearts in unisson

  2. They were enemies.
    Betrayed – they come together;
    Love will always win.

    – my Haiku is for Damen and Laurent from a series I recently read which is the Captive Prince Trilogy by CS. Pacat. 🙂

  3. Lovers oh star crossed
    Oh two lives so filled with love
    Two lives filled with death

    Not technically a romance but a haiku for Romeo & Juliet.

  4. the man who suffers
    a life looking from outside
    finds a joyous love

    This is how I imagine Dex & Sloane from Charlie Cochet’s THIRDS!

      1. Yay! That’s awesome! I’m happy my poems were appreciated! 😉
        My email is OceanAkers @ and my book choice is Running Blind (the only book of yours I don’t have!)
        Thanks for holding the contest!

  5. A man of giants
    Without greed malice or fear
    Finds love to protect

    An ode to my favorite of your couples, Brute & Grey!

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