May events

I have some treats coming up in May!

Buried Bones, the sequel to Good Bones, releases May 22. More adventures of Dylan the hipster architect werewolf and Chris the sexy redneck next door.

I’ll also have a short story released, The Gig. For those of you who wanted a little more from Travis and Drew from Speechless, this is your chance. Plus Travis and Drew meet Dylan and Chris. And to top it off, this story will be available from Dreamspinner Press for free!

I’ll be participating in a Dreamspinner TweetAway promotion. This means that for exactly one hour some time in May, you’ll be able to download Good Bones for free. Dreamspinner will tweet when the promotion is available, so follow @dreamspinners for details.

And finally, I have some guest posters visiting here, and I’ll have an interview with me posted on Cinco de Mayo, so stay tuned for updates!